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Effective Ways to Indulge in Safe Sex

“Sex not only helps in improving a relationship but also improves overall health of the body” is a half-truth. Not sex, but safe sex is beneficial for both the body and the relationship. That’s why even sex experts emphasize on practicing safe sex with your partner.



Why to Practice Safe Sex?

Unsafe sex leads to unplanned pregnancy and a number of Sexual Transmitted Diseases (STD’s) like syphilis, gonorrhea, HIV or hepatitis B, etc. Safe sex is a situation when two partners are maintaining sexual contact in such a manner that exchange of vaginal fluids, semen and blood between partners does not take place. Safe sex increases sexual pleasures and improves overall health of partners.


There are innumerable ways in which partners can indulge in safe sex. Some of the ways are:

Make use of high quality condoms – Male condoms are considered as the best form of protection. If your partner is not interested in using condom, you can make use of female condom. If your partners’ skin is sensitive, he can use polyurethane condoms instead of traditional latex ones. However, an important thing is avoid using cheap condoms while having sex as probability of wear and tear remains high with cheap quality condoms. Moreover, while having sex always keep one extra condom by your side so that even if a condom tears down, you need not run here and there in the search of a new condom.


Different kinds of Birth Control Options  – Practicing safe sex is not only male’s responsibility; females too should show active participation. Today, market is flourishing with different kinds of birth control options like daily pills, vaginal rings, intrauterine devices, etc. These are few options that help in preventing pregnancy if partners are sexually active. So, discuss with your partner before option any one method.


Replace Intercourse with Oral Sex - It is believed that oral safe is safer than actual intercourse as it rules out the possibility of HIV infection. If a partner swallows vaginal secretions or semen, no chances of infection will arise as virus finds difficult to survive in gastric juices. So, once in a week, there is no harm in enjoying oral sex.


Cleaning Sex Toys is Must – Many couples use sex toys to spruce up their relationship. It is a fact that STD’s spread from one partner to other via sex toys. So, after every use, washing and sterilizing them is a must. Do not forget to use other protection i.e. condoms with these toys.


Practice External Sex- Dry sex, though it is non-penetrative, it is the safest form of sex. Activities like erotic massage, kissing, mutual masturbation, rubbing genitals together provide physical pleasure without any risk.


Communication is Key – Communicate with your partner about your sexual past and preferences. And if you were sexually active in the past as well, there is no harm in undertaking tests for Sexually Transmitted Disease. Not everyone knows that all STD’s are not curable, therefore it is always better to be safe than sorry.


In a nutshell, it can be said that safe sexual practices promotes healthy development of the body. It is a wise decision to discuss about your preferences, choice of protection and history before indulging in sex.  Even gathering useful information you indulge in unsafe sex, do not make delay in consulting your health professional.


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